A. Course Description

An introduction to most aspects of large scale MOS integrated circuit design including: device fabrication and modeling; inverter characteristics designing CMOS combinational and sequential circuits; designing arithmetic building blocks and memory structures; interconnect and timing issues; testing and verification; and system design considerations. Term project involves the complete design of a functional logic block or system using CAD tools.

B. Course Outcomes

A student who successfully fulfills the course requirements will have demonstrated:

C. Topics

D. Prerequisites

Prerequisite: ECE 305 or Consent of instructor.

E. Grading

Good Four Quizzes out of Five Quizzes (45%), Project (15%), Final Exam (Comprehensive, 40%)

F. Textbook

Neil H. E. Weste and David Harris, CMOS VLSI Design, A Circuits and Systems Perspective, Third Edition. Addison Wesley, ISBN 0-321-14901-7, 2005.

G. A Project with a pair of three students

A Design Project

H. Attendance

Students are responsible for all material covered in class, including changes in exam schedules announced in class. Make-up exams will be considered only for medical reasons. Make-up exams are not guaranteed to be the same as the exam given in class.

I. Final Exam Policy

Please read the school final exam policy.

J. Use of Email as Official Correspondence with Students

Please read use of email.

K. Fine Prints

The syllabus may not be exactly followed and is subject to change.

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